Adriana Castrillon Reyes

[email protected]

978-452-7721 ext. 106

Adriana was born in Bogota, Colombia and immigrated to the United States with her family in 1999. Her desire to improve the well-being of others began at an early age through her experience as a volunteer in Nashua Special Olympics. Her passion extended into her college years, where she searched for opportunities that allowed her to work with inclusive, social, and recreational programs in which individuals were accepted and empowered. Shortly after graduating the University of New Hampshire in 2015 with a BS in Family Studies/ Human Development and a concentration in Child Advocacy and Family policy; she began her career as a Child and Family Advocate. She quickly realized that this profession never stops giving.

Adriana joined the Center for Hope and Healing in July of 2017 where she uses art and play to empower survivors. In December of 2020, Adriana transitioned from the Child and Adolescent Counselor/Advocate roll, to the Lowell Ending Trafficking of Youth (LET Youth) Counselor/Advocate. Adriana regularly provides support to minor survivors of sexual assault and exploitation through individual and group counseling sessions. Adriana’s goal is to gain more knowledge around the intersections of sexual abuse, trafficking, and violence in order to provide services that honor and lift survivor voices.