Amrith Fernandes Prabhu
978-452-7721 ext. 110

Amrith Fernandes Prabhu came to CHH in 2012 and is currently the Data and Volunteer Manager. She has been an activist in the anti-violence field for 10+ years working with victims of crime, immigrants and refugees, women and children, and vulnerable and displaced communities.

As a cisgender South Asian immigrant female with a lifelong physical disability, Amrith is committed to exploring her colonial roots and target identities, and the non-target spaces that she has the privilege to occupy. She is unwavering in her dedication to create inroads and experiential opportunities for those communities who historically have not been served. At CHH, Amrith is primarily responsible for the innovative program development, community building, planning and implementation of the agency's volunteer program which boasts 30+ individuals, an 144% increase over 5 years. She builds and facilitates trainings to new staff, is responsible for ongoing training and supervision of all volunteers, and sits at the helm of the agency's integrated data and database systems.

Amrith's community work is currently focused on increasing linguistic and cultural access in historically unserved and underserved areas, and community-driven preventive strategies for changing social norms regarding sexual violence and intimate partner abuse in the context of race, class, sex and sexuality, gender, religion, age and ability. Some of her recent projects include working with Studio 506-- a Lowell-based community theatre company, writing poetry, and holding positions on local nonprofit Boards. She likes chai lattes, tall trees, and is intrigued by all things war and peace. Amrith received a B.A. in Economics from American University and an M.S. from Northeastern University.