Are sexual assault survivors on trial?

OCTOBER 4, 2018

Who is on trial?

In the two weeks between the initial report that alleged Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr Christine Blasey Ford when they were both high schoolers, and Thursday’s Senate hearings on the matter, many myths about sexual assault survivors has had its moment in the spotlight. Most viciously, we’ve seen the myth that “real” survivors immediately report their attack. We’ve also seen various commentators trot out the idea that women who wait a long time to talk about their assaults have ulterior motives; that women lie about rape for attention; and that it is normal for teen boys to engage in a certain level of sexual harassment and assault with teen girls. But one of the biggest, and most pernicious, myths is that Ford is simply “mixed up,” and confused about what happened to her that night — and that “real” sexual assault survivors can remember every detail of their attack.

CHH Hotline Team Supports Record Number of Survivors

In the last 10 days, our hotline team has provided services at an increase of 203% from the same time period last year. Many survivors reported being impacted by the continuous news cycle of the SCOTUS hearings and Cosby sentencing as well as the shame and stigma of their own sexual assault. And when they hung up the phone, a weight was lifted. Many were reaching out for the first time after holding secrets of their own assault. One such survivor was calling because she wanted to be heard after 65 years of silence. After following the stories of the #metoo movement, and closely watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, she felt compelled to speak out. We believe in holding the stories with and for survivors, and supporting them through their journey, no matter when it begins. We are grateful to our HealingCorps Volunteer Advocates and our Staff who uplift and empower survivors everyday. We are also grateful to everyone who took action and donated to us. We will continue to believe and support survivors and their loved ones. We are honored to witness the bravery and fortitude of survivors as they speak their truth. To survivors everywhere: Many of you have asked whether you did the right thing back then. 
We believe that whatever you chose to do at that time was the right thing for you, and whatever you are choosing to do now is also the right thing for you. We believe in your strength and your resilience.

-Isa Woldeguiorguis, Executive Director

“It felt good to help in a small way when [I] have little control over everything else going on…”- Sarah, Volunteer Advocate who supported 6 survivors during her shift on 9/29/18.

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