The Center for Hope and Healing, Inc. serves over 1,300 adults, children, and youth in Lowell and the surrounding Merrimack Valley area every year, and reaches another 4,000 through prevention programming. During this time, we will continue to provide services to child and adult survivors and their loved ones.

We recognize the additional burden placed on the most vulnerable in our communities. Children and families grappling with food and housing insecurity, loss of jobs, language barriers, and immigration/documentation concerns are forced to make impossible choices to survive through the pandemic or be safe from abuse.

Because of this, much of the work we are doing is advocacy for basic needs and access to things such as food, cleaning supplies, online schooling, rent, housing, employment and financial emergency relief. We are in close communication with our community partners, sister organizations, and funding partners and donors in these efforts.

Below please find a list of resources that are available to those, and their loved ones, affected by COVID-19. This list is continuously being updated.