Our prevention and education programming reaches many youth by creating inclusive, affinity-based, youth-led groups.

We provide education and community outreach to help youth, especially youth of color and LGBTQ youth to gain access and services related to sexual violence. We work with local schools, colleges to build awareness around social justice, safe dating, healthy relationship, gender and sexuality, and sexual violence.

Black women and girls are a priority population that Hope Prevents works to center. We create scared spaces for participants to show up whole, build community, and showcase joy.

Black Girls Rock

BGR is a program for high school aged, female identified, Black youth. This program is a four-month interactive psychoeducational affinity space. We meet weekly to discuss the many intersections of Blackness and build networks with Black participants and local Black leaders. We create sacred spaces for participants to show up whole, build community, and live in joy.

Who to contact to find out more

Please reach out to Masada Jones at [email protected] to get involved or learn more!

Youth Leadership Corps Program

If you are a high school aged person looking to develop leadership skills and awareness around sexual violence, you can join our Youth Leadership Corps program. YLC meets weekly to learn a wide range of topics including self-esteem, self-care, gender and sexuality, teen dating violence, healthy relationships, effective bystander intervention and more.

Why join YLC?

  • Build leadership and advocacy skills
  • Build career portfolio
  • Meet other youth who are passionate about social justice
  • Get paid while learning and developing leadership skills!

YLC is for youth ages 14-19. You’ll develop advocacy skills to become an activist in your own life. Each week we meet and discuss a wide range of topics from self-esteem, sexual violence, gender and sexuality to healthy relationships.

We then bring what we learn into the community through outreach, teamwork and CHH events, all while earning a stipend! Sign up with a friend! Want an application? You can reach Masada at [email protected].

What we do:

We offer workshops upon request to cover a range of T/LGBQIA+ topics from gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, to best practices in supporting the trans people in your life. We adapt material to fit the needs and understanding of the group present which can range from introductory workshops to more specialized ones on narrower topics for example dysphoria, passing, and microaggressions.

Why do we separate the T in T/LGBQIA+?

The acronym LGBQ/T stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender. There are many variations of the LGBQ/T acronym used across the country and globally. At The Center for Hope and Healing, we use T/ LGBQIA to highlight that the experience of trans folx is very different from that of non-trans LGBQIA people despite the fact that the communities are often lumped together.

Why do we use pronouns?

Pronouns are an easy way to get to know someone and show that you respect them and see them in their entirety. Just as you ask someone’s name when you meet them to know what they go by, their pronouns are another way to refer to them respectfully.

It can be painful to be misgendered because it can feel like someone doesn’t see you for who you actually are and can ruin someone’s day or even week. Next time you introduce yourself to someone, tell them your pronouns and ask for theirs as well, it’s a great way to start off a new friendship!

Trans Day of Visibility Action Guide:

March 31st is Transgender Day of Visibility, which is a day set aside to be grateful for all the things trans people have done and who they are. On March 31st, we recognize that although the world may not be kind to trans people, trans people have been here, are still here, and will continue to be here.

Please take some actions listed in this guide to practice solidarity with trans people. There are some actions as easy as changing your email signature! Thank you in advance for working to make this world a little easier for trans people everywhere.


GLADLY is a group for high school aged T/LGBQIA+ young people to come together once a week and give voice to their experiences while being in community with others. We share resources and stories with one another while providing relevant psychoeducational tools related to coping with things like dysphoria, transitions (social, legal, and/or medical), and other things that may be coming up in their lives. We also set aside time to engage in creative self-care activities like drawing, painting, beading, etc.

Visit GLADLY Website

Please reach out to Masada Jones at [email protected] to get involved or learn more!

Click Here for the LGBQT Allyship Guide  

Call: 1-866-331-9474, Text: “loveis” to 22522

Live Chat: www.loveisrespect.org

Call: 1-800-799-SAFE, TTY: 1-800-787-3224,

Live Chat: http://www.thehotline.org/

Just need someone to talk to you? Try this “warm line”

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 4pm – 8 pm
Toll Free: (877) 733-7563, http://www.metrobostonrlc.org/warm-line.html

Hours: Friday through Monday, 8pm – midnight

Toll Free: (888) 407-4515


Interactive platform, tools and resources to support young people like you to to recognize, avoid, and prevent dating violence in your lives. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. There is games to help you to learn and practice healthy relationship skills.

Break the Cycle.

Resources to help build healthy relationships.