Lowell Ending Trafficking of Youth (LET YOUTH) is a project that provides comprehensive services to address the needs for safety, security, and healing to all minor survivors of human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking, in Greater Lowell areas.

This project will implement integrated survivor-centered services that include reunification with healthy family members and caregivers, which is a critical exit-ramp, and crucial to a minor’s long-term success and self-sufficiency to reduce the likelihood of further trafficking victimization. This project will also support a coordinated taskforce to combat trafficking of minors.

In order to provide comprehensive services to minor survivors of human trafficking, this project will include a variety of activities:

Direct Services & Intervention: provide comprehensive, culturally specific, survivor-centered, trauma-informed crisis intervention services to minor survivors of commercial sexual exploitation; including interagency case management, counseling and advocacy, support group, hotline, and web chat.

Interagency Case Assessment Team: refer minor survivors of human trafficking for appropriate services and resources including family and individual case management, housing, basic needs and access to other public benefits.

Formalize CSEC Taskforce: expand on the already established Greater Lowell Taskforce to end Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). This new formalized Taskforce will include collaboration and communication among agencies using a multidisciplinary approach to provide at-risk and commercial sexually exploited minors.

Community Awareness and Education: provide free capacity trainings and technical assistance on issues of sex trafficking of minors to service providers, community members, and youth-serving agencies in Greater Lowell. Provide a wide range of outreach education and resources on sex trafficking of minors.

Want to support our work?

• Refer minors who may have experienced trafficking to CHH by filling out this form.
• Request for training and resources on anti-human trafficking.
• Join us and be part of the anti-human trafficking taskforce.

More information about the project and taskforce:

Julia Hubbell (She/Her),
LET Youth Counselor/Advocate
[email protected]