The Center for Hope and Healing, Inc. is committed to providing high quality services to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones. To that end, we provide individual and group counseling; legal and medical advocacy; provide resources and referrals as needed and offer a 24-hour crisis hotline. All of our services are free and confidential, regardless of insurance, income, citizenship, or any other barriers. We are committed to serving survivors of all identities, expressions, and life experiences.
CHH advocates for survivors of sexual violence who have been disenfranchised by helping them navigate systems to get appropriate help. CHH’s services are free, confidential, and culturally relevant and include:​

  • Trauma-informed and resilience-based counseling for survivors and their loved ones. Individual/group counseling, legal/medical advocacy, gender specific and non-gendered Healing Circles, web chat, and a 365-24/7 crisis hotline. Services are available regardless of insurance, income, or citizenship.​
  • Survivor-centered support for youth of color and LGBQ/T youth survivors of sex trafficking through Lowell Ending Trafficking of Youth. ​
  • Victim-centered, trauma informed, linguistically specific services for Khmer-speaking victims of sexual violence. ​

Our Services

Counseling Services

We are here to walk beside you from the scariest moments of your life to the safest, most resilient version of yourself. We are here to support you in your journey to healing.

LET Youth

Lowell Ending Trafficking of Youth (LET YOUTH) is a project that provides comprehensive services to address the needs for safety, security, and healing to minors.

Healing Circles

Support groups at The Center for Hope and Healing offer survivors a safe space to express their feelings and share their journeys towards wellness and healing.


Our commitment is to uplift the voices and rights of all survivors to ensure their access to systems of care and empower them to stand up for their rights.

What can I expect when I call or visit CHH?

CHH’s Mission and Vision is based within a social justice framework. We understand that sexual violence as a tool of oppression and directly relates to other forms of oppression including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ageism, and ableism. Sexual violence thrives in an oppressive culture and thus the best way to end sexual violence is to dismantle all forms of oppression.

Additionally, the services offered by CHH are designed to empower survivors by providing information, tools, resources, and opportunities, and works with survivors respectfully, recognizing that the system can be confusing and overwhelming to a survivor of violence. The Counselors at CHH work together in a ‘Team’ concept, where they share information with each other for the benefit of survivors

A survivor told us once that “the abuse was like being locked in a dark room. Alone. No way out.”  Sexual assault is like the left side of this picture.  dark.. Heinous… rooted in oppression.  After working with us, this young person said….”Then you came in and opened the door. You let the light in.”   Our programs utilize six core strategies to build bridges to safety and healing.

All of what we do is about increasing equity and consistently moving toward liberation