Healing Circles (Virtual)

“Circle started around the cook-fires of humanity’s ancestors and has accompanied us ever since. We remember this space. When we listen, we speak more thoughtfully. We lean in to shared purpose.”

At CHH, we utilize circle practice ourselves and so we recognize and honor the power of circles. We chose to move away from the typical use of the term “support group” and towards “healing circles” to remember and practice that survivors are at the center of their own healing journey and we see our role as helping to tend the process.


Our Healing Circles offer survivors a safe space to express their feelings and share their stories. While every survivor's story is unique, connecting with others who have had similar experiences can be life changing.

“The impulse to share the healing experience— to help others face what we have faced—is built into the human psyche. As Rachel Naomi Remen puts it, “we heal in community.” For many people, a key dimension of healing is to work in a circle of companions who share your wound and share your strong intention to find healing.”

We currently have two Healing Circles, one in English, and one in Spanish, that meet weekly via Zoom. Both groups are 18+, all-gender, and drop-in, which means participants do not have to sign up ahead of time.

Our Virtual English Healing Circle is currently on a break. Please check our social media for the latest updates.

If you have any questions call 800-542-5212 or email [email protected] on how to access our virtual support groups.