“If I fall, I’ll fall five feet four inches forward in the fight for freedom. I’m not backing off.” -Fannie Lou Hammer

This March we are kicking off Womxn’s History Month inspired by the life, spirit, and activism of Black Womxn.

We honor her tenacity, fearlessness and powerful legacy by continuing to center Black women’s voices in movement spaces. Many people know about Fannie Lou’s work in the Civil Rights Movement around voting access, but lesser known is that she was instrumental in connecting civil rights to reproductive and survivor rights. She herself was sterilized without her knowledge in Mississippi. She endured sexual violence, countless threats, and was brutalized by police when arrested at Winona county jail. She knew firsthand of the violence she was fighting against. She is a testament to living by her conviction and speaking truth to power. Thank you Ms. Hamer!

“Always praise the bridges that carried us.”

Moving in Fannie Lou Hammer’s legacy, we celebrate Stacey Abrams her vision and dedication to fighting for the collective liberation of Black, Brown, Trans, Disabled, and Indigenous communities.

 Because of them, we can imagine whole and thriving lives from Ms. Hammers love of nature, food resilience and activism, nutrition, animals, mutual aid, and collective living to Stacey Abrams romance and fantasy novelism We learn from them that we can have the pain and the struggle but we can also pursue hope, magic, whimsy, thriving ecosystems, healing, fantasy, rest and escapism.    We celebrate the power of collaboration, we celebrate Fannie Lou Hammers co-conspirators Ella Baker, Victoria Gray, and Annie Devine Stacey Abrams co-conspirators LaTosha Brown, Stacey Abrams, Nsé Ufot, Melanie L. Campbell, Tamieka Atkins, Helen Butler, and Deborah Scott. 


We are grateful for the legacy of hope and tools for healing that are passed on to us.

Looking Ahead: Celebrating 20 years of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign

Please stay tuned for all the CHH resources and planned activities that we will be offering this April. What look out for:

  • “Empowerment, Engagement, and Inclusion: A cultural, linguistic and trauma-informed comprehensive approach to supporting marginalized youth in commercial sexual exploitation programming” brought to you by LET Youth.
  • Take Back the Night Lowell.
  • CHH Lotus Ball.
  • A tribute to Toyin Salau
  • Denim Day- April 28
  • Hope Prevents weekly resource
  • Survivor support groups
  • “I am a Black girl who rocks!” short film premiere.