Raini Coffman



Kimberly “Raini” Coffman is a sunny Los Angeles, California native who found her passion for social justice and fighting oppression through personal, educational, and professional experience. Being the proud daughter of a strong, kind Khmer woman, and a soft spoken, stoic Norwegian man, she found a love for storytelling and seeking out the narratives of people whose stories are often not told.

She informed her research through the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Critical Ethnic and Community Studies (CECS) M.S. program, creating a thesis that used art, poetry, and oral history to tell stories of multiracial Asian American women’s complex, intersectional identities. While she loves being in school, after graduating she decided it was time to expand and implement her education by working with her communities because, according to Audre Lorde, “without community there is no liberation.”

Raini is passionate about being unapologetically true to oneself, and is grateful and proud to be part of an organization that encourages growth, healing, and joy in everyone’s uniqueness. In Raini’s free time you can find her drawing, spending time with her dog and/or cat, playing volleyball, trying a new hairstyle, or watching any and all things spooky.