Sadé Farquhar

978-452-7721 ext. 113

Sade began her journey as an advocate during her undergrad studies at Salve Regina University, earning a BA in Psychology and a minor in Human Services. Throughout her senior year, much of her fulfillment and education came from her internship at Day One, a sexual assault and trauma center in Providence RI. Sade left her university with a promise to herself in continuing a career rooted in social justice.

During her studies, Sade found a passion in being a support system for the LGBQ/T community. Her determination grew stronger as she firsthand experienced how intersectionality is meant to be embraced. Sade found strength in advocating for MSM of color, and the transgender community of color at high risk for HIV. In her last role as Outreach Specialist at Lowell Community Health Center, she became a source for training and the facilitation of groups for individuals living with HIV.

Sade strives to help create a focal point in which conversations can happen around marginalized groups. She finds her passion in creating awareness and empowering those around her. She plans to continue her advocacy work with determination and enthusiasm at The Center for Hope and Healing.