The Journey of Healing from Sexual Assault Trauma

February 3, 2021 | The Center of Hope and Healing, Inc. (CHH) Lowell, MA

As a community of sexual assault survivors, in the middle of a pandemic, transgender homicide, sexual violence, economic crisis, and isolation we have felt the weight and fatigue of the trauma we have experienced collectively and individually. Last week we watched a number of Black survivors sharing their horrific experiences of sexual abuse at the hands of Black celebrities- these stories have in many ways been silenced and dismissed.  This week alone two survivors Evan Rachel Wood an actress most recently in the HBO show Westworld, named the person, Marilyn Manson who groomed and harmed her repeatedly. Last night on her Instagram Live Rep Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez shared with us the harrowing experience she had the day the capital was stormed, as survivors what she described is all too familiar, fear and the trauma of all our pain. Both survivors shared how they have been silenced and blamed, a result of living and participating in a culture that blames and minimizes survivors’ experiences. “I’m a survivor of sexual assault, and I haven’t told many people that in my life. But when we go through trauma, trauma compounds on each other.” U.S. Representative Ocasio- Cortez With each of these stories our hearts break! However, we know that silence and shame allow sexual violence to thrive. Our voices matter and we will continue to tell our stories and do the healing work individually and collectively. As survivors we deserve to heal, we deserve to have jobs where we feel safe, we deserve to run for office, we deserve that promotion, we deserve hope, compassion love, joy and so much more. We deserve it all!  We would like survivors to know that we are here with you through this journey of surviving sexual assault and healing from trauma. If you have experienced sexual assault/ if what is being shared on the news and social media right now picks at the scabs of your trauma please reach out to us anytime or day, please call our CHH Hotline: 800-542-5212.  To our greater community, loved ones, and supporters we invite you to join our effort to end sexual violence, fight for healing, and hope for our communities. Together we will break cycles of trauma in survivor’s lives in Lowell and beyond! Visit us at