‘Think you grown, huh!’ by Black Girls Rock

Prevention series on Adultification and its impact on children and young people.

Black Girls Rock has been covering adultification because Black girls are seen as more adultlike than their counterparts.

“You may not be grown in age and maturity, but that doesn’t mean you’re not deserving of respect and love”

Black Girls Rock, 22

When parents give too many responsibilities to kids, the lines between adult and child get blurred and it can be hard to trust your parents when you take on that role for yourself.

Please don’t invalidate your parents’ tiredness as providers—Parents, please don’t tell your kids they have nothing to be tired about. Struggle is not a competition, there is no first place prize for suffering.

Parents: your children live intersectional lives and exist in many spaces, take time to understand them—ask questions! We all want to be understood.

Let’s communicate better to avoid lashing out! Parents, don’t invalidate your children’s struggles and children don’t oversimplify the details of your parents’ lives

Children are responsible for their academic performance and whatever tasks are assigned by the parents! Children are not built in babysitters or therapists—children are growing minds that need a nurturing at home environment to support and not hinder their growth. The future is delicate, treat our children with care.

Black Girls Rock 22